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Updates & News

PPC moves to Attendance Works

The Perfectly Punctual Campaign (PPC) is now disseminated through Attendance Works, America’s leading advocate for constructive attendance programs and policies.

This website shares the experience and programs of Learning and Leadership in Families, a non-profit organization active from 1995 – 2015. The goal is to stimulate adaptation, collaboration and/or transfer of lessons learned to further stimulate creativity, school readiness, and the joy of learning among young children and the parents, teachers and community leaders who teach, guide, enjoy and inspire them.

Educator Workshops and Materials

Professional Development and Materials

Playful Activities with an Educational Mission,

LearnLead offers professional development, technical assistance and materials to support it’s Learning Model and each of its programs.


Summer Institutes provide intensive teacher training. On-site experiential learning and distance telephone support encourage skill building, team building, and creative responses to the challenge of teaching and learning. Materials for teachers, children, and families support our programs and suggest ways to enrich what you already do.In addition to training on LearnLead programs we offer professional development on the strategies that can enrich your own effective, creative teaching. Among the publications available are:

manualThe Leader’s Guide , now distributed by Attendance Works, explains the Perfectly Punctual Campaign program, introduces PPC materials, and provides a chronology of activities to help manage the process throughout the school year. Suggested materials and activities help preschools and schools keep attendance awareness fresh and dynamic throughout the year. PPC designs that support student and parent engagement materials are available for download at no cost at Attendance Works and can be personalized with your own logo, and time/date information as needed.

messagescover-115x150Messages of the Built Environment Resource Guide introduces the basic STEM concepts of math, geometry and physics through architectural language in English and Spanish and suggests creative approaches to exploring thse topics. Activities including innovative counting and sorting exercises are supported with suggestions for  circle time discussions,  classroom activities,  large group family activities, community-based learning suggestions and concluding unit projects that can serve as authentic assessments.

scan_page_11Turn Your Child’s Looking Into Learning is the basic guide to Visual Literacy and Learning through Looking. The process builds observation, critical thinking and communications skills and helps adults use familiar concepts like line, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc to make meaning from objects and to stimulate discovery and conversation with children. Lines and shapes help children understand how letters are formed and how shapes are made. Color and pattern help children explore culture and feelings. The guide is supported by individual pocket guides that relate to various early childhood themes.

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