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Updates & News

PPC moves to Attendance Works

The Perfectly Punctual Campaign (PPC) is now disseminated through Attendance Works, America’s leading advocate for constructive attendance programs and policies.

This website shares the experience and programs of Learning and Leadership in Families, a non-profit organization active from 1995 – 2015. The goal is to stimulate adaptation, collaboration and/or transfer of lessons learned to further stimulate creativity, school readiness, and the joy of learning among young children and the parents, teachers and community leaders who teach, guide, enjoy and inspire them.

Parenting for Literacy

Parents enhance visual literacy skills

and experience  how to use them to support

 children’s language development and math readiness

Parenting for Literacy consists of 4 units for Parent and Child Together time, creating a 16 week program. Each unit has 3 – 90 minute lessons offering 30 minutes for parents alone, 45 minutes for parent-child activities, and 15 minutes for reflection and debriefing with parents while children do an intepretive arts and crafts project to take home. Each unit concludes with a community-based experience for the family. Each lesson is supported with a pocket guide that suggests a follow-up home-based activity.

Parents learn to:

  • Expand the range of literacy readiness activities they do with their children.
  • Strengthen questioning skills that support conversation.
  • Encourage children’s observation and critical thinking skills.
  • Develop children’s ownership of spatial vocabulary including:
    •  Inside, outside, over, under, around, through.
  • Develop ideas for simple, engaging arts activities with children.
  • Learn how to use community resources, including museums and libraries to support children’s learning.
  • Have fun with their children!

The development of Parenting for Literacy was supported by the Prince George’s County United Way, the Fannie Mae Foundation, the Eugene and Agnes Cafritz Foundation and the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust.

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